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Air transport is a vital component of many international networks essential to managing and controlling the flow of goods. Air Freight logistics is the fastest mode of transport used in order to cover a greater distance of geographical repositioning of products required to arrive at destination.

Services :

we understand air cargo, and have the experience in all aspects of air cargo shipping. Urgent next available flight out, or regular air cargo service, we will take the time to offer you the best options for your shipment’s urgency and your budget. we offer Door to Door, or Door to Airport, or Airport to Airport service.

We also offer protective service for your temperature controlled products, of fresh and frozen foods and including dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials, of dry ice.

Cargo and capacity :

Once the air cargo is received we than proceed to calculate the cargo’s capacity and chargeable weight. This is measured by the volume and actual weight shipped, if the actual weight is greater than the volume weight, the chargeable weight will always be based on the greater weight of the two.

In order to calculate the volumetric weight in kilos, we take the dimensions of the boxes, pieces, bales etc.

Length x Width x Height / 366 = Volume weight in Kilos.

A helpful rule in the conversion of Kilos to Pounds is calculated by multiplying the kilometric weight by 2.2046. Pounds to Kilos are calculated by dividing the pounds by 2.2046.


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